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Heaviest Tenors from 1600
by Ring No

No Years
Tenor Weight


  • This analysis does not take into account whether a Tower's ring were ringable (or ever were) during the years shown (i.e. Highnam, Knightsbridge, Peterborough Cath).

  • 1600 has been chosen as a cut off (even though some earlier data exists within this dataset) being when full circle change ringing started to evolve and rings became truer diatonic rings.

  • Exeter Cathedral is shown as a ring of 9 from 1616 to 1728 - see specific Event details.

  • London Cornhill has been shown with 7 years as a ring of 10 as believed to be prior to the Great Fire Of London in 1666 but no available information as to when became 10.

  • Rings of 4 and 3 are more tenuous inclusions due to a number of reasons:

        (i) This is based purely on what information is gathered within the scope of this dataset

        (ii) the further back in time the more likely that former rings existed but the reliable information for which is as yet unknown

        (iii) there would almost certainly be heavier rings of lesser numbers in Cathedrals and larger churches of which the reliable information is as yet unknown

        (iv) there would almost certainly have been rings that would have been included in this table within London prior to the Great Fire of 1666.

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