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The Great Rings Dove Events

This is a website detailing events for Towers that has had a ring of bells with a Tenor weighing >= 20 cwt where the number in the ring or the date, founder or weight of the Tenor has altered.

It is designed so that the latest Event for a Tower can be shown at every 20 year period since 1600 showing snapshots of rings within scope at those times.

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Great Rings Scope and Background

The Scope and background to

Great Rings Dove Events

Buckfast Abbey.JPG

Great Rings Towers

A list of all Towers that are in scope of Great Rings Dove Events and their Events

Wrington All Saints5.HEIC

All Great Rings Events

All Great Rings Events by Year

Tewkesbury Abbey landscape.jpg

Great Rings Snapshots of Events

Snapshot events occurring in any selected Year and Summarised by every 20 years from 1600

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Great Rings Tenor Founders

Analysis of Founders of Tenors

Worcester Cathedral.JPG

Great Rings Tenors

By Number in Ring, Heaviest by Year, All time list

Chewton Mendip JT Bells.jpg

Great Rings Bell Photos

Photos of Bells for some Towers in Scope

Leeds Minster Landscape.jpg

Great Rings Tower Photos

Photos of Bells all Towers in Scope

Shown in Random order

Nottingham St Mary Landscape.jpeg

Amendments from v2.3

A list of additions and

amendments from v2.3 2020 to 

v3.0 2021

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